How to Maintain Mental Health And Succeed in Corporate World

The never-ending restructuring episodes

If we don’t know how to handle stress well, the pressure to excel, the constant changes, and the ever-growing expectations can take a toll on our mental health…

What is triggering this today is that I’m seeing people affected by yet another layer of “layoffs“— the never-ending “restructuring” episodes that keep hitting employees left and right.

Yes, I get it! 

Companies must do the math right to thrive, and they view headcount as the most expensive aspect of an organization. 

When pressed to cut costs, the decision is clear— reduce headcounts: Easy peasy!

My life experience…

First and foremost, I want to give credit where credit is due.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked for some of the world’s largest corporations…

In their own ways, these organizations have made a big difference in my professional growth and development. 

I appreciate the opportunities they gave me to enhance my skills and expertise. 

They have helped shape me into the professional I am today by sharing their resources and expertise.

And, having spent what seems like an eternity in the corporate sector, I have firsthand knowledge of the stress that pervades this environment. 

Here is the thing…

No matter how much you achieve and how “important” your role is, there will come a time when this will change!

And that’s because, in the grand scheme of things, the job we hold today may eventually fade away. So do yourself a favor and prioritize your “real” self, not your “job” self…

With this in mind, let me share my learnings about maintaining mental health in the corporate world…

4 Key takeaways to consider

1. Take on a new hobby:

 With a new hobby comes the motivation to distract the mind from the daily stress of the job. 

You create a healthy diversion from work-related concerns when you immerse yourself in a hobby, whether painting, gardening, playing a musical instrument, exercising, writing, or any other pursuit that captures your interest. 

This shift in focus allows your mind to unwind and rejuvenate, promoting relaxation and balance. 

I used to play tennis for a while. The running on the court, the exhilarating competition in doubles matches, and the thrill of those little wins or losses did wonders for my overall well-being.

Playing tennis also provided me with a sense of accomplishment and personal growth. Each game allowed me to improve my skills, learn from my mistakes, and celebrate my progress. 

Who said that achievement is only measured by closing a sale? 😉😉😊

2. Work-life balance

I know, we say it, and organizations delight in promoting it and receiving rewards for “being the best place to work.” 

But what’s more crucial than these phrases is that you genuinely create boundaries between business and personal life, which I failed miserably. 🥲

Now that I think about it objectively, I believe I used to be insecure, so I was available for work 24 hours a day, seven days a week…

I worked with folks from the East and West zones and was available for both…

Perhaps this is something my boss and peers are unaware of because I used to work from an office away from the individuals I reported to and worked with… 

So, before office hours, I would already begin working from home because it was the manager’s turn to be connected! And, of course, I wanted to satisfy her…(but she was never pleased 😂😂)

Then, after finishing my office work, I would continue working from home because it was the folks in the West…

And I ended up with a retinal detachment. Doctors speculated it was stress-related because I had no underlying illnesses… but who knows!

Instead of sacrificing yourself, ask yourself this: Why do you do what you do? And here’s the truth: Whatever you fear might happen regardless, so enjoy your life. We work to live, not the other way around…

3. Practice stress management techniques

Yoga as stress management technique

Incorporating regular yoga practice into my life has had a profound impact. And by regular, I mean a consistent practice that makes a significant difference.

Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not solely about stretching. It offers various options to suit individual preferences and skill levels. However, the common thread that ties it all together is the emphasis on breathwork, where the true benefits lie.

It is the breathwork paired with the posture that makes the difference. It can remarkably calm the mind and body, allowing energy to flow freely throughout the entire being…

Yoga creates a harmonious balance through focused breath control and intentional movements. It facilitates the release of tension, promotes relaxation, and cultivates a sense of inner peace…

That’s me, but you may not be a yoga person and prefer to try something else, like meditation, journaling, or engaging in creative activities like playing music, painting, writing, or dancing, which can be incredibly therapeutic. 

You get the idea…

Find what works best for you and incorporate these practices into your daily routine.

4. Reflect and Re-evaluate

Take a moment to evaluate your career path, goals, and how satisfied you genuinely are. Are you staying in your current situation just because it provides a cushy life in the present moment?

If that’s the only reason keeping you there, it’s essential to recognize that this may not be a lasting solution……

In conclusion

Keeping your mental health in check while succeeding in the corporate world is a journey that takes work and self-care.

By setting boundaries, embracing hobbies, practicing stress management techniques, and reflecting on your career trajectory, you can strive for a healthier and more fulfilling work-life balance.

Thank you for reading and being a part of this journey.

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Here’s to a healthier and more prosperous future!

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